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2023 TMBRA Race Plate Order Form

Season long race plates are back! TMBRA will use one standard plate for the 2023 Spring and Fall cross-country (XC) and the 2023/24 marathon (XCM) race series. Every race participant is required to purchase a unique season-long race plate. You have three options:

* Full custom orders will include a duplicate plate and "custom name badge" or "next available" orders will have an option to include a duplicate for an additional three dollars ($3). See item four (4) in the below FAQ section for more details.

Custom plate orders (custom number or name badge) are available through midnight, Saturday January 21st. Orders for custom/next available number only will remain open until midnight, Saturday January 28th. Starting Sunday, January 29th, online plate orders will shift exclusively to an inline purchase through BikeReg when registering for a TMBRA race. All plates ordered online (here or BikeReg) will be available at all TMBRA events starting with the first race of the 2023 season (Barber Hills Hard Labor, Feb. 5th). We will NOT ship plates!

Plate Ordering Specifics/FAQ

  1. Full name & birthday : please use the same first and last name and birthdate across systems.- in order to match data records between BikeReg (race entries) and the series plate database you must use the same spelling of your name (first and last) as well as the same birthdate. If the information you enter differs between the race plate database and your BikeReg race entry then we may automatically assign you a new number due the inability to match records as well as create multiple records for you when tallying series points. REPEAT: please use the same first and last name and birthdate across systems.
  2. Custom number : when you select "full custom" for your plate type you will be shown a drop-down list of currently available numbers and an entry field for an alternate. If the number you want is not in the list then it has already been reserved/assigned. Further, enter an alternate number for the very rare instance of someone simultaneously placing an order for the same number (tiebreaker determined by payment processing date/timestamp).
  3. Custom name badge : when you select "full custom" or "custom name badge only" you are allowed up to 28 characters for your name badge. TMBRA reserves the right to refuse your name badge if deemed inappropriate.
  4. Duplicate or replacement plates? : Lost, forgotten or broken race plates unfortunately happen. Temporary, one-time use race plates ($5) or replacement plates ($15) are available each race weekend as a remedy. However, if you are purchasing a "custom name only" or "next available" plate you can add a duplicate plate (digital print, lightweight plastic with same number and custom name (if applicable)) to your order for a small additional fee. If you purchase a "full custom" plate the duplicate plate is already included! A duplicate plate is meant to serve as a backup to your primary, thick plastic number and save you from having to purchase a replacement series plate at a future event. Pro tip: keep the duplicate plate in your race bag so it is always at the ready. This offer is only available through this order site.
  5. Multi-class racers : if you race more than one class per season you must have one unique plate per class (ex. Junior 13-14 and Cat 3 Men 15-18). Further, if you want a custom number and/or custom name badge for each race class plate you must make two separate orders or use the multiple plates link (see next section). Otherwise the custom number will be assigned to your primary race class and the next available race number will be assigned to your secondary class.
  6. Multiple plates : if you need more than one plate per unique mailing address (ie. additional family member), select the "Multiple Plates" link immediately under the menu/order progress bar on the right side of the screen. Please DO NOT use this option if each race plate holder resides at a different address.
  7. Online payments : order payments are processed through Stripe (standard credit card) on behalf of Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association.
  8. Email/mobile number : this season we will be communicating important race information via email as well as onsite, real-time race results via SMS. Please include a unique email and mobile number for each person (if possible, for multiple plate orders).

If you have any questions regarding the race plate ordering process please feel free to email Jeff Lucido (series registrar/scorer). See you at the races!

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