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2019 Scholastic Team Challenge

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Scott S
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Joined: 01 May 2003
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:19 pm GMT +0000    Post subject: 2019 Scholastic Team Challenge Reply with quote

TMBRA Scholastic Team Challenge 2019
Lake Travis and Dripping Springs school districts are again organizing a TMBRA Scholastic competition within the XC Mnt Bike State Championship Series in 2019. If you are interested in joining us for friendly team competition for student athletes, read on!
Key points of interest:
- Almost identical to existing Team challenge rules for scoring and awards, but limited to a single season (2019 Texas XC Mtn. Bike State Championship Series).
- Additional team makeup rules to keep scholastic league focus.
- Teams do not need to register for the Team Challenge, racers register individually but make sure to specify a consistent team.
- All races within existing TMBRA categories and racers can still go for individual results.
- Largely volunteer run (scoring, tracking, etc) and teams collaborate to fund end of season trophies for first and second place in junior and senior brackets.
That’s it in a nutshell: student athlete teams competing against student athlete teams. Below you can find a complete draft of our rules. If you’re interested, please contact Paul Carroll (LTR_Paul in the TMBRA Rider Board) and Lance Thornton (Dripping Springs)!
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Rocky Hill and Warda Race Director; TMBRA President
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Scott S
TMBRA Board Member

Joined: 01 May 2003
Posts: 3064
Location: Houston, TX

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:20 pm GMT +0000    Post subject: Reply with quote

TMBRA Scholastic League

1) Team Eligibility
--1.1) Scholastic teams must have a scholastic association.
--------The team name does not have to match a school system name, but should reflect your team or group in order to keep scholastic feel.
--------The team does not need official/legally binding support from a school system, and can organize independently.
--------However, if a school system contacts TMBRA to reject the association, the team members from that system or the entire team may be disqualified at TMBRA board discretion.
----1.2) Scholastic teams must be associated with a specific area, typically a single public school district or a single private school system.
----1.3) Where a single school district may not have enough racers to field a full team, a single team may encompass several adjacent districts/systems.
--------Areas must be adjacent. Any exceptions must be approved by the TMBRA board with feedback solicited from the leadership of other scholastic teams.
------------Private schooled students and home schooled students can race on the team that is closest to their homes.
----1.4) Appropriate team examples:
--------Dripping Springs (single school district)
--------West Houston Composite (Katy ISD, Spring Branch ISD, Alief ISD, all adjacent)
--------Saint Wenceslas Academy Racers (Private school system which may overlap public districts, see section 2.6)
----1.5) Not appropriate examples:
--------I-35 Composite (including racers from San Marcos and Waco)
------------Teams must prove that they meet and practice together. “Cherry-picking” a team and calling it a composite team will not be allowed.

----1.6) The TMBRA board may, at its discretion, require teams deemed too large to split into smaller teams.

2) Team Members
----2.1) Team racers fall into two categories: Scoring and Non-Scoring. All team members may race in the team’s name, but only Scoring racers contribute to Scholastic League rankings.
----2.2) Scoring members must:
--------Race in correct age/gender TMBRA Categories/Classes (Junior, Cat 3, Cat 2, or Cat 1). No Pro racers.
--------Be a student in good standing (see section 2.4)
--------Must belong to the team’s defined scholastic area (see section 1)
----2.3) Non-Scoring members are:
--------Coaches, parents, graduated students, hangers on, acquaintances, etc.
----2.4) Student in good standing
--------Scholastic racers must be current students, with passing grades and not suspended or expelled.
--------By racing, eligibility is asserted by both the team leadership and the racers using an honor system.
------------The TMBRA board may investigate alleged violations and require teams to provide supporting materials.
------------Violations can result in loss of the racer’s points for one or more races, or for the team or disqualification of the entire team, at the TMBRA board’s discretion.
----2.5) Racers from areas covered by a scholastic team may not race for a different scholastic team without approval from the TMBRA board.
--------E.g. Racer Ralph from School District 1 cannot race for the team of neighboring School District 2 if School District 1 has a team.
--------This rule is intended to prevent racers from ‘defecting’ to teams perceived as better rated, and to prevent teams from pulling in hand-picked members from neighboring areas to create a ‘super team’.
----2.6) Home-schoolers and private schoolers within the scholastic area can be team members.
--------Where teams for public and private school systems overlap, racers must race for the team associated with their school system.
----2.7) Team roster of scoring members must be provided by the team leadership and kept up to date (see section 4).
----2. Scholastic racers race in their designated category along with non-scholastic racers (Cat 1, 2, or 3), and can earn individual rankings like any other racer.

3) Scholastic Meets: Camping, Pre-Riding and Racing
----3.1) Scholastic teams are encouraged to communicate directly and select 5 or more of the 8 season races for team participation, aka ‘Scholastic Meets’.
--------Teams are highly recommended to contact each other, the race organizer, and TMBRA well in advance to allow easing race scheduling problems. Ideally Cat 3 age 18 and under races will be grouped together, but schedule is ultimately up to the race organizer.
--------Race organizers and TMBRA will attempt to announce higher-than expected youth turn-out when notified, to prepare other riders for potential pre-ride congestion.
--------Scholastic races (Jr through Cat 3 15-19) will be grouped together as the first races on Sunday mornings, to the best of TMBRA and race organizers’ abilities.
----3.2) Scholastic racers can participate in any season race and contribute to their team’s standings (see section 4.1), the “Scholastic Meet” designation is simply an inter-team coordination effort intended to:
--------Ease congestion in pre-riding the course.
--------Encourage scholastic community in pre-riding, team-building activities, camping, and racing.
--------Accommodate student/parent schedules.
--------Allow race organizers to anticipate higher crowd levels and infrastructure requirements.

4) Scoring, Awards, Costs
----4.1) Team score follows TMBRA team challenge scoring (, but shortened to a single season (Texas XC Mtn. Bike State Championship Series)
Scoring per place for all riders and categories

1st place 100 pts
2nd place 90 pts
3rd place 80 pts
4th place 70 pts
5th place 60 pts
6th place 50 pts
7th place 40 pts
8th place 30 pts
9th place 20 pts
10th place 10 pts

If you have to count a rider that places above 10th place, automatic 5 points

--------Teams will be divided into two groups. There will be a Junior team and a Senior team.
-----------The Junior team will be made up of girls and boys ages 5 - 14.
-------------Junior scoring will consist of 1 junior rider ages 1 - 10 boy or girl, 3 junior riders ages 11 - 12 boy or girl and 4 junior riders ages 13 - 14 boy or girl. If you do not have a rider to fill a spot, the score is a 0.
--------------The senior team will be made up of 6 (six) Senior riders ages 15 - 18 riders of any category Boy or Girl or, 5 (five) Senior riders ages 15 - 18 riders of any category Boy or Girl and 1(one) Senior rider ages 19 - 29 rider of any category Boy or Girl as long as rider is still in High School. If you do not have a rider to fill a spot, the score is a 0.

---------The FIVE team totals from the 5 races chosen prior to the season will count towards the overall team score (out of EIGHT race events) Coaches have the responsibility to change one of the 5 races only for rider safety due to inclimate weather.
----4.2) Recognition / Awards follows TMBRA team challenge ( but with a separate set of trophies. Normal TMBRA trophies will be awarded at each race. Scholastic Team Challenge trophies will be awarded to top 2 Junior and Senior teams at the last race or shortly thereafter.
----4.3) Team roster follows TMBRA team challenge rules (, specifying that the team is participating in the Scholastic League on the roster.
----4.4) There are no official Scholastic fees, but teams are expected to contribute an amount similar to the Team Challenge fee to fund Scholastic trophies for whichever teams win: $75 per team.
----4.5) Participation in PayDirt is encouraged at the team level and can contribute to individual scores as well as team scores.
---4.6) In order to promote individual growth, the top riders from each category will be asked to Cat up each year. This number will be based on rider ability and number of racers in the current category.
Masters 60+;

Rocky Hill and Warda Race Director; TMBRA President
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